Cookies Bernie Hana Butter Strain



Cookies Bernie Hana Butter Strain

buy BernieHana Butter Strain. From the second that you open the bundle, you  hit with sweet, rich, and hearty tones. The aroma has an overwhelming pleasant smell, like cotton treats and sugar. When you separate the nugs, the rich flavor turns out to be incredibly intensified. The flavor is a combination of the multitude of scents becoming animated, leaving you with a sweet treats trailing sensation

Flavor and Effects

The Bernie Hana Butter strain is known for its incredibly thick and cold nugs that are generally purple. Notwithstanding, when you break into the nugs you see that there are more shades of purple and light green that burst out also. Bernie Hana Butter might give you the “initial time” smoker high, regardless your resistance is. This strain conceivably offers the ridiculous, giggly, no-understanding of-time, loosened up sort of high that numerous shoppers endeavor to feel.

also, few clients have announced that Bernie Hana Butter is their number one Cookies strain that they have at any point attempted. Individuals have communicated that an exceptionally strong strain might conceivably leave you feeling giggly, loose, and quiet. For some purchasers, these potential impacts might be everything that they’re searching for while getting high. This is a top level strain that may be extraordinary for anyone searching for a tomfoolery, loosened up time.

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