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Buy High Octane OG. Super charged OG . wilderness young men’s super charged is known for its loosening up characteristics and its elevating characteristics. In view of its somewhat stimulating and inspiring impacts, High Octane OG strain best appreciated in the daytime or afternoon. Request now.

The smell that comes from smoking this plant isn’t anything under a sweet, smooth, vaporous and sprouting trailing sensation. On the off chance that you’re searching for a marijuana strain to raise your appetite in the wake of a difficult day to trouble, then, at that point,

Super charged strain is an honor winning Indica pot strain that has a very solid lemon and pine smell. Also, The bloom is light green and exceptionally tacky with huge OG Kush-like buds. High power OG Kush’s ancestry comes from Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush. Buy wilderness young men super charged at our internet based store

Super charged OG Strain Information

Super charged OG, otherwise called “High power” or “High power Kush,” is a 100 percent unadulterated indica half breed strain made through crossing the classic Chemdawg X Lemon Thai X Hindu Kush strains. Hard-hitting high that is great for kicking back. After a long and unpleasant day when you truly need to simply be lethargic and unwind. You’ll feel a sluggishness begin to wash over you a couple of moments after your last toke. Crawling up and unexpectedly taking totally finished. This will leave you intensely lounge chair locked and truly calmed, incapable to get up and move for a really long time. As your body settles, your brain will lift with an unpretentious invigorating shiver. Avoiding you blissful and absolutely with regards to center.

In blend with its really high 19-26% normal THC level, these impacts give High Octane OG an edge in treating those experiencing conditions like constant agony, sleep deprivation, muscle fits or spasms and hunger misfortune or queasiness. This bud has an exemplary sharp harsh lemon flavor with a weighty hot natural breathe out. The fragrance is really moist and impactful, with profound hot spices and decaying earth emphasized by sharp citrus and flavors. Besides, buds have popcorn-molded minty green nugs with dim feelings. Over all meager orange hairs and a cold thick covering of stout white gem .

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