Kiva Terra Bites


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Kiva Terra Bites

Buy Kiva Terra Bites. Kiva’s cleverly created Terra Bites have garnered numerous honors. In contrast to many other child-proof items, this one is rather simple to open and comes in a stylish black hard case tin. 20 bite-sized pieces of delicious chocolate-covered treats, ranging from blueberries to caramel and almonds,  included in each flavor of kiva terra bites blueberry. The chocolate chunks are tiny yet just right for a tasty hit. Only THC  included in three of the four varieties; however, their CBD almond flavor contains 5 mg of CBD and just 1 mg of THC per serving. terra blueberry bites kiva terra bites blueberry terra bites

Their most recent Terra Bites product  Kiva’s chocolate-covered blueberries with cannabis infusion.
Each piece of this sweet milk chocolate with 5mg THC contains chewy, tangy, and slightly chewy dried blueberries.
Cold water hash, which is debatably the most efficient and pricey technique of extraction, is used in all of Kiva’s chocolate products. This could account for the outrageous $1.10 price tag per dose, which is one little chocolate-covered blueberry.


I love chocolate covered fruit, and these cannabis infused blueberries strike me as a very interesting and distinctive product.
Unfortunately, the taste of the cannabis reminds me too much of my college days when I used to make dodgy edibles and become too high by them. Although it’s not certain, the use of hash rather than flower may be the cause of this greater flavor.

When there are other medications on the market with a faster activation period,

Kiva advises waiting at least 2 hours before increasing your dose, which is kind of annoying. As long as you are conscious if you have a sensitivity to the taste of cannabis in your edibles. Kiva is a trusted company, therefore I still believe this product is helpful to many people. Even for this homebody, the impact of the chocolate covered blueberries made me long to be mingling with a group of friends.

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