kushy punch gummies


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kushy punch gummies

Buy kushy punch gummy. Juicy tropical punch flavor of kushy punch gummies 100mg hybrid gummy matches well with our renowned full-spectrum oil to produce an unrivaled down-the-line, head-body high. kushy punch edibles
Firstly, The hybrid’s Choose Your Own Adventure vibes are a favorite among Kush Punch newcomers.
Again, It also appeals to those who seek a counterbalance to the effervescent high of straight saliva’s and are sensitive to them.

100mg of THC flavoring tropical punch (10 x 10mg doses)
Full-spectrum oil including lipids, cannabinoids, and flavonoids
Low-calorie and sugar-free
100% organic tastes and colors
Non-GMO, dairy-, gluten-, peanut-, and fat-free

100mg 10pk*

*This% might represent the product’s total THC/CBD, THCa/CBDa, and THCb/CBDb content.
Customers should check the actual product label for the precise THC/CBD percentage.

Also, I bought two 100mg THC  gummy packs—one strawberry-flavored sativa and one watermelon-flavored indica—to use in my research.
Both advantages and disadvantages include a very good flavor, concentration, and ease of packing into a pocket.

How long does Kushy Punch last? The gummies should be kept unopened and in a cold, dry location for up to six months after the date. If it’s been opened, store it in a container away from light in the refrigerator.

Moreover, Quality and usability. It should come as no surprise that Kushy Punch’s indica gummies produce a strong high given the care they take to safeguard them. Peel back the plastic to find a pre-divided red slab with 10 square pieces, each carrying 10mg THC and. 1mg CBD, once you’ve extracted them from the somewhat laborious second packaging.

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