Peee Yewww Cookies Strain


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Peee Yewww Strain

Buy Peee Yewww Strain. Peee Yewww treats a mixture pot strain rehashed by Cookies and smokers club Trees. This strain is the very first Smokers Club Trees x Cookies collab hand picked by Berner and it STINKS. Testing at a THC level of 35% it will have you drooped also the smokers club BringYaLungsPeee.Yewww tastes sweet profile that fragrances like sweet normal thing tart. The flavor is close, however with huge traces of kush, Clinical pot patients pick this strain for calming eventual outcomes related with uneasiness and stress.

Peee Yewww, moreover a crossover pot strain copied by Cookies and the smokers club trees. Peee Yewww strain tastes sweet profile that scents like sweet regular thing tart. The flavor is equivalent, yet with huge traces of kush. Smoking this strain will give you a quick head high that followed by a loosening up body high. Peee Yewww buds canvassed in thick,

cold trichomes that almost appear to be like a purp,

The buds integrate amazing green fixes and striking purple hairs. Clinical marijuana patients pick this strain for relieving signs related with anxiety and stress.

at the point when you smoke an unpolished of this strain you gone yell Hail Mary.
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