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Royal Gorilla Strain, Royal Gorilla is an indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain. We’re still learning more about the strain and effects of Royal Gorilla – if you’ve smoked, dabbed, or consumed this strain before, tell us about it by leaving a review. click here for purchase and your recommended products and more

he buds tend to flower in dark purple hues brightened by fiery orange hairs and a clear white coat of crystal resin. Novice users may want to approach this THC powerhouse with caution, but those equipped with a high grace will delight in Royal Gorilla hard euphoria. Physical chill out comes on strong, but many find themselves still psychologically active enough to stay productive and innovative when enjoying Royal Gorilla during the day. Royal Gorilla is another tantalizing hybrid cannabis strain from Cookies Farm Genetics, following in the footprint of its parents Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This Royal Gorilla makes it the perfect strain for those looking to treat  their various conditions such as chronic pain. Muscle spasms and depression consumers will search far. Wide to get their hands sticky with this ideal dominant cannabis flower. offers very safe deliveries.


Royal Gorilla is a rare slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the classic Sour Dubb X Chem’s Sister X Chocolate Diesel strains. Looking for a super well-balanced high that will hit both mind and body? You’ve found it. Royal Gorilla packs a super potent high that hits hard. keeps rolling thanks to its potent 22-24% average THC level. The high starts in the head with a lifted effect that creeps up on the back of your mind. Filling you with a sense of euphoria and ease. As your mood lifts higher and higher, a sense of calm will suddenly wash over you. Keeping you anchored and totally relaxed in both mind and body.

With these long-lasting effects and its high THC level. Moreover is said to be perfect for treating those suffering from conditions. Such as chronic stress, depression, mood swings, chronic fatigue, and migraines or headaches. This bud has a sweet woody pine flavor with a light lemony diesel exhale. The aroma is of pungent diesel. Royal Gorilla buds have tapered minty green spade-shaped nugs with thick clear amber hairs. A coating of frosty amber crystal trichomes.

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