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Royal Gorilla is an exceptionally potent hybrid strain that exemplifies the pinnacle of cannabis craftsmanship. Our master breeders artfully crossed Sour Dubb, Chem Sis, and Chocolate Diesel to create this exquisite masterpiece. With a THC content ranging from 24% to 30%, Royal Gorilla proudly stands among the most potent strains available today.


At Green Herb Med Center, we take pride in offering you the finest Royal Gorilla strain, which traces its roots back to the United States. Brought to life by our passionate breeders at Royal Queen Seeds, this strain swiftly garnered popularity thanks to its unrivaled potency and a flavor profile that delights the senses.


Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience with Royal Gorilla’s potent and enduring effects. The sky-high THC levels unlock a cerebral euphoria that envelops your mind, followed by a blissful and deeply relaxing body buzz. Some fortunate users may find themselves immersed in an uplifted and creative state, while others might luxuriate in a tranquil and couch-lock sensation.

Medical Benefits

Discover the profound therapeutic potential of Royal Gorilla. This strain has been revered for its ability to provide respite to those grappling with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. The potent effects offer solace and relief, making Royal Gorilla a cherished companion for those seeking natural remedies.

How to Consume

Indulge in the versatility of Royal Gorilla, which can be enjoyed through various consumption methods such as smoking, vaping, or savoring delectable edibles. While smoking or vaping are the preferred choices for most connoisseurs, edibles offer a longer-lasting and more intensified experience.

Where to Buy Royal Gorilla Online

When you choose Green Herb Med Center, you can rest assured that you are purchasing Royal Gorilla from a trusted and reputable source. We understand the significance of authenticity and quality, which is why we offer you the genuine Royal Gorilla strain without compromise. Don’t gamble with your satisfaction; rely on us for your Royal Gorilla needs.

Things to Consider When Buying Royal Gorilla Online

At Green Herb Med Center, we value your trust and prioritize your well-being. Here are some essential factors to consider when purchasing Royal Gorilla online:

Reputation of the online dispensary

Our impeccable reputation speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. Countless satisfied customers have placed their trust in Green Herb Med Center for their cannabis needs.

Quality of the product

With Green Herb Med Center, you can always expect top-tier quality. Our Royal Gorilla strain is meticulously cultivated and expertly curated to ensure a premium experience.

Shipping and delivery options

We offer reliable and discreet shipping options, ensuring your Royal Gorilla arrives promptly and in pristine condition. Rest assured that your privacy is our utmost priority.

Payment options

Enjoy the convenience and security of our flexible payment options. We prioritize seamless transactions to enhance your overall shopping experience.

Customer service

Our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you every step of the way. From answering inquiries to addressing concerns, we strive to provide exceptional service and make your satisfaction our top priority.


Unlock the extraordinary allure of Royal Gorilla, a hybrid strain renowned for its unparalleled potency and captivating flavor profile. Experience the cerebral high and soothing body sensations that have made Royal Gorilla a favorite choice among cannabis enthusiasts. Trust Green Herb Med Center as your reliable source, ensuring authenticity, quality, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.


Is Royal Gorilla legal?

Yes, Royal Gorilla is legal in states where recreational and/or medical cannabis is legal. Please ensure you are aware of the regulations in your jurisdiction.

What are the most common side effects of Royal Gorilla?

The most common side effects of Royal Gorilla may include temporary dry mouth, dry eyes, and an increased appetite. Stay hydrated and enjoy a satisfying snack during your experience.

How long do the effects of Royal Gorilla last?

The effects of Royal Gorilla can be experienced for several hours, contingent upon your chosen consumption method and dosage. Take your time and savor the journey.

Can I grow Royal Gorilla at home?

Yes, Royal Gorilla can be cultivated at home, but it demands meticulous attention and care. Reach out to our team for expert guidance on nurturing your Royal Gorilla plants.

How should I store Royal Gorilla?

To preserve the potency and flavor of Royal Gorilla, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Proper storage ensures a delightful experience with every use.

What are the shipping options when buying Royal Gorilla online?

At Green Herb Med Center, we offer a range of shipping options to cater to your needs. You may qualify for free shipping depending on your order amount. Choose the option that best suits your requirements.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the Royal Gorilla I purchased online?

Our aim is to provide the utmost satisfaction to our customers. Please refer to our refund policy for details on the terms and conditions of returns and exchanges.

How can I ensure the quality of the Royal Gorilla I’m buying online?

At Green Herb Med Center, we take quality seriously. Our exceptional customer reviews and stringent growing and testing processes guarantee that you receive only the finest Royal Gorilla strain.

Is it safe to buy Royal Gorilla online?

Green Herb Med Center prioritizes your safety and security. By purchasing from our reputable source, you can be confident in the quality and legitimacy of your Royal Gorilla.

Can I buy Royal Gorilla in bulk online?

Yes, we offer bulk purchasing options for Royal Gorilla and other sought-after strains. Enjoy the convenience and savings when stocking up on your favorite selections.

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